Getting away from it all

I have just returned from a 3 night break with friends in the UK, I realised it has been almost 8 weeks since I last left Guernsey, a long time for me and no wonder I felt drawn to get away. I stayed with Charles for a couple of nights, enjoying many philosophical conversations about love and life, we discovered a Nepali restaurant, not quite the same as being in Nepal but still, made me feel a little at home. We also drove up to Buckingham shire and into the country to take a walk through these enormous fields, was wonderful to experience that sense of space, beautiful clouds, sunshine, trees, just us, surrounded by nature, shame I wore completely the wrong shoes, my feet were rather soggy by the end of it.

I spent a night with Hayley too, Lebanese food in Camden this time, humus, yum, and yet more philosophical conversations about life, got to love it, I have been reading a few fantastic books by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, the latest one "The Call" all about discovering why we are here. Great stuff, reminding me that all we have is the "here and now" so best just "to be". Easier said than done of course, especially living in a society where we are conditioned to always be doing more, and forgetting that we already have everything we need, within us if nothing else.

Anyhow. I managed a Yoga class up at TriYoga in Primrose Hill too, with Olof a German guy who flies in each week especially. It was fairly hardcore, all about strength as much as anything else, made me realise how much my own practice has changed, preferring that more introverted and gentle practice these days. All good fun though, great studio space up at TriYoga, would highly recommend it if you are in the area, Yoga is not cheap in London though, maybe £14 a class, rather a commercial affair, we are much luckier over here, there must be a degree of soul in the air!!
Ross DespresComment