Photos at the Fairy Ring, Pleinmont

Nick and I visited the fairy ring after sunset last night, Nick's idea, something to do with the combination of light and clouds and wind, not sure, but the results look pretty amazing, even if I am a touch biased - well done Nick. Of course the highlight was sitting on the fairy ring at that time of night, when it is dark and there is no one else around and all you can hear is the gentle rasp of the sea, the birds calling to one another and the wind rustling through the trees and grasses. Plus of course there was this incredible sky, ominous grey clouds set against bright oranges and pinks rising from the horizon. I have to admit I was rather hoping for some extraordinary sightings, you know of an esoteric and ethereal nature, but alas not so tonight, shame really, last time I took photos here there were orbs all over the place (Nick has some scientific explanation for this of course!). Still what an incredible way to end the weekend, there is a special energy to the fairy ring, well that whole area actually - if ever you need to get away from it all or boost your energy then I can highly recommend sitting or laying there and enjoying the experience, . Oh and don't forget to walk on the stones in a clockwise direction, and if you manage to make the whole circle without falling off then make a wish, believe in it and see what happens...dreams do come true after all. Thanks Nick. x

Ross DespresComment