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Based in Guernsey, Channel Islands, Beinspired is passionate about helping individuals realise their true potential so they can live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. We aim to inspire and empower individuals to enhance their own sense of wellbeing through yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda. We also hope to encourage a sense of community where people can discover, embrace and share their own uniqueness without fear of prejudice and have fun as they experience the healing and transformative nature of yoga and Reiki and Ayurveda.

We offer a regular schedule of Hatha Yoga classes, an Asana (posture) practice which combines classic postures with breath work, flows from one posture to the other and encourages awareness of energies and connection to the subtle body. We also offer a range of workshops, and one off events, as well as yoga and wellbeing retreats and Reiki Attunements. Our emphasis is on supporting women’s health and wellness, but of course we support men too.

We also offer a wealth of resources to our community from home yoga videos, particularly videos to help with women’s health including fertility and menstruation, to meditation and relaxation audios, to a self help resource page where we bring together our love of healing modalities to help you help yourself, to written articles and books, many of which are free.  

Beinspired will soon be widening its offering to include Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle consultations. Our founder Emma Després is deeply passionate about Ayurveda and has qualified as an Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant. Her focus will be on helping women at all stages of life.

Our Teachers


Emma Després - founder

Emma has been teaching yoga for nearly 14 years and practising now for 16 years. It was an aching body, frenetic mind and depressed spirit which initially brought her to her mat, but what started as a purely physical practice quickly become much more than that as Emma gained a deeper understanding of yoga and its ability to transform the body and the mind. 

Emma is a highly experienced teacher and deeply passionate about yoga. She not only sees yoga as a spiritual practice, but also as a healing art and way of life. She teaches a style of yoga that uses elements of Tantra and other spiritual lineages with the intention of creating connection to the subtle body, encouraging the heart to lighten and the body to awaken. She sees yoga as a way of helping people come home to themselves and find their own truth by getting to know themselves better. 

Her classes are uninhibited by set routines and free of dogma. They are carefully considered, yet playful in nature, with dynamic and creative sequences that focus on breath, movement and alignment. Emma actively encourages her students to take responsibility for their own yoga experience with the intention of allowing them to explore their own individual emotional and physical needs. Her classes are about much more than asana, they are about empowering her students to go deep within and discover freedom of body and mind. Often set to music that complements the flow and energy of her classes, you will leave a practice with Emma feeling nourished, strengthened and uplifted. 

Emma’s is also passionate about the ancient hands on healing technique of Reiki. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds regular trainings / attunements with the aim of encouraging others to bring Reiki into their everyday lives. She strongly believes in the power of subtle Reiki energy to heal and transform individuals and those around them. 

As a healer, Emma weaves her love of crystals, the cycles of the moon, celebrating the wheel of the year and working with the elements, known as Wicca, into both her yoga classes and retreats and Reiki Treatments and Attunements. 

She is also a Member of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK and is a qualified Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition consultation gaining a high distinction. She has a special interest in women’s health and wellbeing. Through Ayurveda Emma hopes to support women as they navigate the various stages of life, particularly motherhood.

Emma is a keen writer having published two books, "Dancing with the Moon", which details her spiritual journey through IVF, and “Namaste”, which chronicles her trek to Everest Base Camp and the lessons she learned along the way. Both are available for purchase on Amazon. She is currently working on her third book. 


Emma qualified as a Yoga Alliance registered teacher with Lance Schuler of Integrated South Pacific Yoga Academy (INSPYA) in Byron Bay, Australia in 2005 before undertaking further training with the Byron Yoga Centre. She has since travelled the world extensively and has been greatly influenced by the many yogic traditions and the teachings of Emil Wendel, Lance Schuler, John Ogilvie, Rod Stryker, Doug Swenson, David Swenson, Julie Gudmestad, Cyndi Lee, David Life, Stewart Gilchrist, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Louise Simmons and the teachers at the Brighton Buddhist Centre. 

She holds a Diploma in Advanced Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga) and a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the British School of Yoga. She has completed Level 1 & 2 of the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training in Canada and is also a qualified Children’s Yoga Teacher and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. She has a Diploma in Holistic Therapy CHA.

Emma is also a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher and a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition consultant (having studied with the reputable Ayurvedic Institute), and is currently studying Vedic chanting with Helen Macpherson and Scaravelli-inspired yoga with Louise Simmons.


Vicki Eppelein

Sunday class and cover teacher

Vicki started practicing yoga in Guernsey in the Channel Islands in 2003. During her early years of yoga, she developed a passion for the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and attended many workshops and retreats with a variety of inspiring and internationally recognised yoga teachers.

In 2009 she completed her 200-hour teaching training with Brian Cooper and Michael Gannon at Union Yoga a UK Yoga Alliance training centre. Since then she continues to attend workshops and retreats to develop not only her teaching skills but also her own practice. She still has a love of the Ashtanga yoga system but since her early days of yoga, her practice and teaching has now evolved to include more of a vinyasa flow based style with strong focus on the breath and relaxation.


Vicki is a Yoga Alliance Professional, Associate Level 2, Yoga Teacher.  She completed her teacher training with Brian Cooper and Michael Gannon at Union Yoga a UK Yoga Alliance training center in 2009.  In 2006 she completed The British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course.

She has since travelled and trained with variety of inspiring and internationally recognised yoga teachers to develop her own practice and teaching including Nigel Gilderson, David Swenson, Manju Joyce, David Williams, John Scott, Matthew Sweeny, Helen Say, Jeff and Harmony Lichty, Elena Mironov, Cyndi Lee, Bex Tyrer and David Sye.


Alison Good

Cover teacher

Alison spent last year travelling to and from Eastbourne in Sussex where she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme according to the standards set by Yoga Alliance UK.  Her teachers were Wenche Krag Beard and Eva Kristlova. She took her final exams and gained her qualification in Egypt in December.

She has recently attended a yoga workshop in the U.K. led by David Sye.

She currently teaches one to one at home, as well as taking corporate lessons and covering for Emma and Vicki. 

She is also Level One Reiki attuned.


Alison is a Yoga Alliance Professional. She completed her teacher training with Wenche Krag Beard and Eva Kristlova and gained her qualification at Living Yoga in Egypt. Allison has studied with Emma Després for a number of years, attending general classes and joining her on retreat on Herm, Glastonbury and Goa.

Alison is Reiki Level One Attuned and will soon be completing her training as a UK Reiki Federation Practitioner.


Beinspired is committed to supporting the community through various charitable events. We support the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals UK charity work in Sri Lanka by monthly donation. We also hold special one-off yoga classes to raise funds for other charities and projects where we can.