When & Where?

Beinspired runs weekly general active Hatha-vinyasa yoga classes at  St Martin's Community Centre (upstairs) and Cobo Community Centre. Beinspired also offers a weekly slow flow yoga class at St Martin's Parish Hall on a Sunday morning (ideal for complete beginners). You can view our monthly timetable below. We would ask that students turn up about 5 minutes before the start of the class to settle themselves. We also recommend not to eat 2 hours prior to class. Please leave your shoes either outside the room or to the side of the door - thank you!



St Martin's Community Centre


St Martin's Parish Hall


Cobo Community Centre

How much?

All classes cost £11 drop-in for adults and £6 for students (teenagers and children), or you can buy a block of 5 tokens in advance for £45. Payment can be made by cash/cheque/online (please email Emma for banking details). 

Why Yoga?

Because yoga is amazing! It's healing and just makes you feel better somehow, both energised and calm, stronger, and more flexible and balanced in body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a spiritual practice and is non-competitive in approach - all it asks of you is to turn up exactly as you are and practice, practice, practice…

What to expect?

To Emma yoga encourages the unfolding of the true self, of allowing the spirit to shine and the heart to lighten.  Emma teaches a flowing and dynamic form of Hatha yoga, encouraging awareness of breath and energies of alignment so that one can experience the transformative, healing and uplifting effects of yoga for oneself. In this way there may be greater physical and mental ease and an increased sense of the spirit pervading all life.

Emma’s teachings are influenced by the Tantric tradition, so that students may gain a deeper awareness of the subtle body as the classes seek to enliven the energetic landscape of students. Classes will include asana (postures) and pranyama (breathing exercises) and may weave in a variety of Tantric practices such as mudras (seals), mantra (chanting), kriyas (cleaning practices) and mantras (patterns used to develop concentration). Emma is also a huge fan of Yoga Nidra (deeply nourishing guided relaxation).

Vicki Eppelein teaches the Sunday morning slow flow yoga class, where the movement slows down a pace, and the session finishes with a guided relaxation - ideal for those who would like to enjoy an easeful beginning to Sunday including absolute beginners. Please bring a blanket.

As a Reiki Master teacher, a Holistic therapist and a student of Ayurveda, Emma teaches in a deeply intuitive way, allowing a nurturing and supportive environment which allows students of all levels to deepen their practice and encourages greater awareness of body, mind and soul and the need to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and the impact we can have on the world we live in.

What to wear?

Comfortable tightly fitting gym clothes such as t-shirts/vest-tops with leggings or shorts are recommended, together with a jumper and socks for relaxation. Please respect the yoga space when you enter by leaving your shoes by the door, classes are practiced barefoot.

What about injuries?

Yoga has been used since ancient times as a holistic method for preventing and healing injury and illness. However it is extremely important that you please let the teacher know, in confidence, of any injuries and medical conditions before the class commences.

What if I am pregnant?


Beinspired only accepts pregnant women with an existing yoga practice into our general classes. We can highly recommend classes with Anita Davies who is also a local doula, you can contact her anita@birthguernsey.co.uk. It is essential that you let the teacher know, in confidence, that you are pregnant regardless of the stage of pregnancy. 

I know what it’s like when you are really keen to get to a yoga class to support the post-natal period but on-demand breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) dictates otherwise.  For this reason, I am keen that post-natal women are given the opportunity to bring their babes in arms (babies who fairly much stay in one place, so are not crawling or toddling) to our classes so that they can be fed as needed. The Sunday morning class may be best, certainly in the earlier post-natal period when you are healing from the inside out.

Please read our full Statement of Inclusion here.