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I can honestly say that yoga has saved my life! .... When I am feeling stressed or anxious, I listen to Emma's yoga Nidra CD and I take myself out of my hectic life and into my yogic space. Listening to Emma's familiar voice for 20 minutes talking me through the yoga Nidra relaxation calms my nervous system down and I can continue with my day afterwards feeling refreshed and re-energised. Thank you Emma for your inspirational teaching style and for producing your yoga Nidra CD. I have bought copies of the Emma's yoga Nidra CD for my daughter and daughter in law. They also find listening to Emma's CD very beneficial when they are feeling stressed and anxious. - Connie Wakeham


The yoga I had experienced before I tried Emma's classes was very slow and although relaxing, I didn't feel like I had achieved anything physically. The reason I love Emma's style so much is because it flows so well and makes you feel like you've had a workout! This combined with the added feeling of mental calm, makes you feel completely chilled out yet energised at the same time. For me, Emma's voice is calming, soothing and healing. Her guidance leads your body to melt into the floor, with all of the stress and tension leaving you. An inner peace ensues and you are left feeling refreshed and transformed. Her Home Practice DVD is a great way of practicing Emma's style of yoga at home especially good when you can't make it to class. - Elena Otty


Interestingly my nine year old son now asks to do ‘Nidra’ as he calls it when he has had a bad day at school or is finding it difficult to unwind. For example if he has a big athletics race the next day and he is worried about it he will lie on the floor in his bedroom, with a blanket, in the dark and listen to the CD – he always sleeps well after and says his mind is ‘calm’ after it – not a bad technique for a nine year old boy! I have also sent the CD to my brother in Australia who suffers from ‘anxiety’. He often uses the CD to help him through difficult times. - Tanya Dorrity


Emma's Yoga Nidra is relaxing, restorative, replenishing, reconnecting and really rather good! - Michelle Johansen


I have just roused from a blissful 45 minutes of yoga in my very own living room. I was a little apprehensive about an audio CD, but I needn't have worried, it felt like Emma was in the room with me - even though I was only listening to her, it was as if she could still see me and was still reminding me of how I should actually be holding the poses, just as if I were in class! The pace was just right too. 45 minutes is also the perfect duration for anyone to find the time to fit into their schedule most days, hopefully I will now! - Suzy Hilton


Emma’s ‘Daily Practice’ CD is a wonderful guided yoga sequence that clearly leads you through simple pranayama to connect with the breath, before wakening the body with gentle movement. Emma then takes you through a series of flowing asanas, including some balancing poses, back bends and spinal twists before finishing up with a relaxation. I’d recommend this CD for all levels, including beginners, as Emma offers variations on the poses as well as a few challenges, if you so wish. - Cornelia James


For me "Wake and Stretch" is a great way to wake up the body and mind in a gentle way before moving into the day, a nice short practice fantastic for the early morning when I am more time constrained. However, I even use this practice as a preparation for sitting in meditation at other times of the day especially in the evening. Applicable to all levels and easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules, I highly recommend starting the day with this clearly guided more gentle practice. - Hayley Le Marquand

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