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Poses to help alleviate the feelings of depression


Breathing Techniques + Relaxation



You Can Heal Your Life” - by Louise Hay
Reasons to Stay Alive - by Matt Haig
”Eat Pray Love” - by Elizabeth Gilbert



“I am worthy”
”I am enough”
”I deserve endless happiness”
”I am brave and strong”
”I am not my depression and my depression is not me”
”I embrace all of my human emotions”
”I am taking control of my own mind”
”I bring inner peace to myself”
”I am whole, happy and inspired”



Smoky quartz
Rose quartz
Tiger’s Eye
Red Jasper



Aromatherapy oils
Lavender, ylang-ylang, Sandalwood and Jasmine

Bach Floral Remedies
Elm and Rescue Remedy


Also try…

Journaling – to journal about your heart’s desires.
Positive thinking
Follow a grounding exercise
Get out in nature, lay on the earth, hug a tree, swim in the sea, get your feet in the soil.
Avoid stimulants and adopt a Sattvic diet
Practice gratitude
Make sure you allocate time to do the things you love
Meditate on your desires and intentions.
Enjoy more energy

Beinspired Videos

Depression can make everything feel very dark and heavy. Depression is my story and while I find that practicing any form and sequence of yoga can help, I am drawn towards a more heart-opening, solar plexus strengthening and grounded approach particularly. I hope that this practice will bring some light into your body and life again.

Anxiety is a tricky state to find yourself in because its uncomfortable and edgy and it doesn't always shift very easily, which just compounds the situation. I've always found that practicing yoga helps and particularly this grounding sequence that gets me out of my head into my body and connected down to the support of the Earth again.

Not too tight, not too loose, this is a practice to help you stay grounded and sane in the middle of all that is happening, so that you can find a way to dance with your world as it moves and cultivate a sense of steadiness and equanimity.

Emma and Vicki guide you through a general 30-minute yoga practice for all levels of ability

Beinspired Audios

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