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Yoga poses for C-section


Breathing Techniques + Relaxation



Aromatherapy Oils
Lavender - add to bath water or burn.

Bach’s Floral Rescue Remedy



Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tul



“Birth is amazing”
”I am in control”
”I am pregnant with a healthy baby”
”I am having a smooth and wonderful delivery”
”I am healing physically, mentally and emotionally”
”My body is strong and so am I”
”Everything is well with myself and my baby”


Also try before…

Walking, swimming, yoga and keeping fit during pregnancy
Keeping iron levels as high as possible with an iron rich diet
Positive thinking


And after…

Dark chocolate (Lindt 70%)!
Arnica – cream for the wound itself (and tummy) and tablets for internal bruising
Tea tree oil – on wound
Milk Thistle Tincture
Strong probiotics (to counter effect of antibiotics)
Tablespoon of flax seed soaked over night and drunk in morning to support digestive system
Reiki to encourage balance and grounding
Pelvic Floor Exercises
Sea swimming
Iron rich diet

Beinspired Videos

Pregnancy can be a time of great excitement and change. However not all changes are easy going and if you're experiencing aches and pains related to your growing bump, or anxieties about the impending birth then this prenatal yoga video may well help.

This is a practice that I've followed regularly since having my second son by Caesarean Section. I've found that the extended version, particularly, was extremely supportive to my healing and to this often exhausting post-natal period. Other times however, practicing Yoga Nidra was what was needed - please honour your bodies and go easy on yourself.

Yoni yoga is a deliciously nourishing, empowering, nurturing and revitalising approach to yoga for women of all ages. This transformative practice provides us with the opportunity to wake up to our own inner wisdom, feminine intuition, creativity and wellbeing. The practice is soft, flowing and gentle incorporating various tantrik yogic techniques to support women’s health, creativity, healing and natural cycles.

Sometimes in life we need to calm things right down and for me restorative yoga is invaluable for healing, nourishing and literally restoring. I practiced this sequence regularly during the IVF process (both ICSI and frozen embryo transfer), mixing it up with a more active sequence when I needed to move my body. This sequence will help to support the nervous system and immune system, quieten the mind, deeply relax the body, and it may help to ease anxiety, depression and stress as well as promote fertility.

Beinspired Audios

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