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Yoga poses to increase lactation



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Other things to try

Milk thistle tincture
Turmeric, fennel seeds and ginger
Mother’s Milk tea or nettle tea
Drink lots and lots of water
Bach floral rescue remedy
Avoid wind-creating foods like broccoli, cabbage and pulses (I even found houmous an issue).
Eat lots of oats, salmon, spinach, almonds, asparagus and brown rice
A good quality probiotic

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This is a practice that I've followed regularly since having my second son by Caesarean Section. I've found that it was extremely supportive to my healing and to this often exhausting post-natal period. Other times however, practicing Yoga Nidra was what was needed - please honour your bodies and go easy on yourself.

Sometimes in life we need to calm things right down and for me restorative yoga is invaluable for healing, nourishing and literally restoring when I am feeling run down, depleted, exhausted or in need of some nurturing time alone.

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