Emma loves writing and after years of blog postings and typing up her thoughts and stories, she has recently published her first two books, Dancing with the Moon and NamasteThere are more books ready to be brought to life, so watch this space!





Yoga and Reiki Master Teacher, Emma Després, has always been drawn to travel and learning about new cultures. So when the opportunity arose to trek to Everest Base Camp and volunteer at a Nepali village school, she jumped at it. Not only was it a great excuse to leave her corporate life and an on/off relationship behind, but it also gave her the chance to connect with the spiritual energy of the sacred Himalayas, and offer her some welcome breathing space to consider her next steps in life. However, it was only when she got off the plane in Lukla that she realised her daily yoga practice had not exactly equipped her for trekking up the world’s tallest mountain. Namaste charts her physical, emotional and spiritual journey through the various stages of her climb to and from Base Camp. As her body battled freezing temperatures and very thin air, her mind had to stay motivated as she took a long hard look at herself. Facing some home truths proved harder than dealing with the terrifying suspension bridges (don’t look down).Her passion for the mountains and her love of Nepal and the Nepali people shines through this inspiring and honest account of a life-changing journey.

Dancing with the Moon


Dancing with the Moon

As a yoga teacher and Reiki master, I am very much in tune with energies and connected to all things holistic. I had imagined that I would conceive in a beautiful, romantic, natural and conscious way, on a bed of rose petals under a starry night. Don’t laugh! However, at 36, after a year of trying (and failing) to conceive, my fears were confirmed: we were told we may never have children. Humbled by this sobering truth, I realised I would have to throw myself into the world of science, hook, line and sinker, if there was any chance of motherhood. I don’t even normally take any medicines and suddenly, I was injecting myself with synthetic hormones, having the most invasive of examinations, and manipulating my hormonal system with drugs. Dancing with the Moon is my journey, my way of incorporating elements of the spiritual and the holistic into such a clinical process. Although different for each couple, IVF is an incredibly challenging and exhausting process, both physically, mentally and emotionally. I hope that in sharing how I navigated my way through the process, I can help other women feel more at ease and, crucially, able to maintain a positive mindset on their own IVF journeys.


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"I had read all of Emma's blogs, I love her writing. She is one of my favourite yoga teachers on the island of Guernsey, I regularly attend her classes and read her blogs, they give me much inspiration. This book is her views of her journey with IVF and all the ups and downs that go with it and I'm sure it will helpful to other mum's to be. It teaches us never to take anything for granted, and accept the situation you are in, keep positive and go with the flow." ★★★★★

" A beautifully written book about the trials and tribulations of conception, fertility, birth, and parenting. Emma writes in a way that makes you feel as though you are there on her journey with her. An insightful read into the importance of spirituality, grounding, and energy alignment during such a challenging yet rewarding time." ★★★★★

"What an amazing book! It’s helping me through IVF. Positive affirming writing, that is relatable. I found strength from reading her experience. Thank you Emma for writing this amazing book." ★★★★★

"Dancing with the Moon is the most special of books written by the most special of people, the amazing and inspiring Emma. Even if you're not going through IVF or pregnancy or even thinking about it, there are so many golden nuggets of wisdom in this book - replacing fear with love, surrendering to what will be and trusting the process (whatever that process is) are just a few valuable lessons I'm taking away from her story and beautiful writing." ★★★★★