Guernsey has truly awakened!

I love Guernsey, I've always loved Guernsey, it's an amazing place to live, but this last year it's just become even more amazing than it's always been.

It's said that Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the world, Mount Kailish in Tibet is the crown chakra and Ayres Rock in Australia is the solar plexus.  There are minor chakras too and a star seed intuitive I spoke with in the US also believed (as do I) that Guernsey is one of these - Byron Bay too.

Guernsey has certainly awakened in recent years and especially during 2017 - I suspect it was all that light coming in, it has propelled people forward and helped them to awaken a little to their own light.  Never have I known so many people practicing yoga or being drawn to learn Reiki, and there are now a plethora of nutritional therapists, life coaches and holistic practitioners. It's incredible, it really is a healing Island!

There's been a re-wilding too as increasing numbers take to the sea for all year around swimming.  Ewan and I have been swimming all year around for a few years now - I started when I was suffering with a bout of depression, due to adrenal fatigue, and it has such a positive effect on me that I haven't stopped since. 

Others have since realised the benefits - helped I'm sure by the 30 bays in 30 days charity campaign and the Cheshire Homes Boxing Day swim and in the last few months I've met many new friends through swimming thanks to a WhatsApp group set up by one my original swimming friends. It's been brilliant, to have the opportunity to swim with other like minded souls, many of whom practice yoga, and to enjoy the great outdoors together, especially the moon!

Even the moon and it's effect on us is being more recognised and accepted these days. In yoga people don't seem so threatened by it and welcome it in, the fortnightly shifting energies and the opportunity this presents for forgiveness, gratitude, letting go and letting in - certainly the Sunday classes have always encouraged this awareness. 

There's been an awakening on Facebook too, although I'm always a little cynical. I'm not so keen on the need for labels whether that be 'conscious' or 'lightwkrker' or whatever it is.  We're all conscious light workers in our own ways, even if we don't realise it - and probably it's in the un-realising of it that we keep a part of ourselves in the shadows.

It's the shadows that truly help us to awaken.  The more we shine the light on those dark places within us, the more we can begin to realise our true potential in this lifetime. Talking about being conscious, or intellectualising it, or trying to join groups that claim to be more conscious, doesn't actually make us any more conscious than anyone else. It just means we get better at talking about it!

Really we need to be doing the inner work, the nitty gritty, getting stuck into it, shining lights on the shadows, coming out of our denial and become a clearer and higher vibratory channel as a consequence. It's then that the world will begin to change. It's a cliche I know, but we really do need to be the change we want to see in the world.

If we want to see a kinder world, then we need to be kinder to ourselves and to everyone else with whom we interact in our daily lives. My family provide me with many opportunities to become a better person.  I hear myself telling my boys to be kinder to one another, and then I might hear the words and tone I'm using and consider that maybe I could be kinder too!

The Universe is constantly trying to help us in our quest to be better people. There are mirrors everywhere. People do things that we don't like and we might catch ourselves complaining about them, only to then consider that perhaps they're a reflection of us - we do those things too, just it's so much easier to judge others for their shortfalls (in our opinion) than see this in ourselves!

Anyhow I digress.  I'm just excited.  Guernsey is a such a marvellous place and I feel very lucky to live here and to have my lovely sea swimming ladies and all these magical people drawn to the Island for their own healing and to help to heal others with their wonderful offerings. And this is before I've even gotten started on all the ancient monuments we have over here, the standing stones and the energy...more on that another time...

With gratitude. xxx