Ramblings on the energy shifting going on out there

Beinspired Yoga_ New Moon_27.JPG

The energy shifted about lunchtime today and has continued to ease all afternoon and into the evening.  I can't tell you the relief.

It's been pretty intense out there since the lunar eclipse and full moon back on Monday 7 August, encouraging us to let go and heal.

The Lionsgate Portal was activated on Tuesday 8 August 2017. This happens when the Sun aligns with the Star, Sirius, which is bigger and brighter than our own sun. It's known as the spiritual sun and is understood to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher vibratory realms.

When the Sun and Sirius are aligned, their energies intensify and Mother Earth receives "light energy" from both of these celestial entities - greater consciousness comes in and this affects our own energy. Essentially two of the greatest lights in the sky have shone on us - hoorah for the healing this potentially provides,

The trouble is, life thereafter may not resonate in the same way.  We've been turned up a notch and the old stuff on the lower vibration that is no longer serving us needs to drop away - or at least it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the call for change. 

It's been tough. Like you, I've been encouraged to question every aspect of my life and its truth - is it aligned?  In some cases no, and those have had to go, are going, will go. 

The eclipses bring light to the shadows.  It's challenging seeing the shadows come to light. Did I really create my own reality?  Must I really take responsibility for this?  Well yes, it is time.  It's time to drop the victim/martyr role and to take responsibility for how your life unfolds.  All of it. There isn't a place for the blame game if we want to heal the present and indeed the future. 

It's tricky to get your head around but really the future creates the present.  So be clear when you are envisioning this. You can change the past, that's easy, not least with Reiki, but by changing your mind about a few things. It's magic really.

Then there was the solar eclipse and new moon on Monday 21st August, the second new moon in Leo too. This brought in big shifting energy for so many of us who have been left exhausted and wondering what is going on.

Bits of the old have come up again. Uncomfortable edgy energy.  I had a day of acute anxiety from year's ago now, which caught me in my tracks and I sat with it rather than trying to numb it as I may have done previously.  There was nothing to fear, it was just energy, and an "anxiety relief" yoga practice grounding to the Earth was all that was needed.  Well that and some Nadi Shodhana pranayama.

There's been a huge amount of sadness too, and I could feel my heart space tight and heavy. I've cried a lot. The tears just come from nowhere at times. It didn't help that my cat died and my brother returned to Australia; but in many respects they both gifted healing in their respective departures, one to higher realms, the other to the other side of this world.

There are five planets going retrograde during August too.  Going retrograde means that the planet looks like it is going backwards, only its not, it just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they're moving around the sun.

Mercury retrograde is definitely the one I'm feeling.  It complicates communication, or at least can make communication tricky, especially in families.  Furthermore it affects electrical devices (both TV and printer have been playing up) and can make it difficult to move things forward.  It's a shaky time and not one within which to make big decisions or sign contracts.

I've not been able to make any big decisions because I've had no clarity about anything (other than cancelling the Women's Wellness Weekend on Herm as I wasn't feeling it and nor were others). Ive not had any clarity because the eclipses have pulled up my roots so that I can weed them a bit.

It's difficult to have clarity when one is uprooted. However today I felt the shift and the tears have dried. I'm aware that it's now time to re-root those roots that need re-rooting again and let the others go on the compost pile. The clarity is beginning to come through again.  It really is very simple. We need to simplify.  Not just me, but you too.  We all need to start simplifying and remembering our truth.  The Universe is reminding us to slow down and to be patient.

We're all receiving energy updates and upgrades and the Universe it reminding us to slow down and be patient.  I'd wait until Mercury is no longer retrograde (5th September) and the celestial terrain calms a bit before making any leaps. 

I can't tell you the relief it is to know this now.  There have been times this last month when I've been questioning my own mind - I'm not going mad after all, these feelings are valid and real! And the chances are that if you;re reading these words then you're feeling it too.

Good. The world needs lighter people.  But commit.  Don't go "urrmmm arrrrrr", "do I, don't I".  Just commit to whatever is needed to take greater responsibility for your reality and also for the state of this planet.  It means dropping in, even if it gets messy.  Do the inner work, that's the key.  No one else can do it for you and talking about it won't make the change either. 

So look within, breathe in and out, trust, and notice the support from the Universe coming in. 

With love xxx