Boxing day outdoor fun!

What a beautiful few days, the weather has just been amazing - admittedly cold but ever so clear and an incredible sunset last night and indeed sunrise today.

I managed to make the Boxing Day swim at Cobo this morning, I could not believe how many people were down there swimming and also watching. It was much easier today than yesterday and I managed to stay in for 4 whole minutes! Despite a lovely cup of tea in the Rockmount (I have never seen the place so packed, thank you Rockmount for providing free tea, mulled wine and mince pies, very kind), I lost all feeling in my toes until I thawed out in the steam room at the Grande Mare, half an hour later!

After lunch and watching the end of the Railway Children in front of the fire - you have to love this film, absolutely timeless - Mum, Dad, Val and I went for a long walk out at Pleinmont, which was truly beautiful with lots of birds around.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas festivities and keeping warm and cosy.

Ross DespresComment